June 6th - 11th 2016

    Tuscany, Italy

  • You are Bold. Powerful. Delicious.


    But something holds you back from expressing all of who you are.

    The fear that others won't accept the woman deep within - the woman who knows that she can do and be anything she wants, who owns her beauty, her sensuality and her power.

    The fear of what it might mean if you gave yourself permission to be completely free.


    And yet the freedom you long for is in reach - it’s so close you can feel the soft brush of its invitation against your skin in quiet moments as that part of you whispers,


    “There's more. More to live, to do, to be - more adventure, aliveness, wonder and awe.

    Give this life everything; live fully, wildly, passionately.

    Surrender to yourself and everything within you that is waiting to be expressed.”


    It's time.


    To choose boldness. To show up fully.

    Raw and real, fiery and fierce.


    To join a band of sisters who truly get you.

    Who embrace you as you are.
    Who hold the vision for you of all that you can be;


    Authentic. Free. Fully expressed.

    Unapologetically turned on by life.

    Unashamed, unrestrained, uncompromisingly YOU.


    In all your wild radiance.


  • “Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”

    { Rumi }


    We're bringing together an intimate group of amazing women for a cutting-edge immersion into

    the world of the senses, creation, feminine empowerment, self-expression, liberation, and connection.


    The Wild Radiance Retreat is an experiential journey to free your most authentic self,

    to sink deeply into a loving connection with your body,

    and to liberate yourself to be fully expressed,

    wildly alive,

    and bringing your radiance into the world.







    Connect to the divine within

    Connect to spirit through yoga, meditation and mindful practices, creative exploration and deep connection to the verdant countryside of the Tuscan hills, as well as developing grounding practices to support your relentless self-love


    Explore and grow

    Experience the perfect balance of soul-centering activities and space for contemplation and play. Creative workshops will give you the space to learn, grow and connect deeply to yourself and the tribe, and come home to your true self


    Deeply embodied enjoyment

    Nourish your being with heavenly Italian food, rich red wine, divine massages, and splashing in crystal clear waters. We'll be tapping into our innate feminine beauty and wisdom, awakening our sensual awareness, and exploring our relationships with our bodies


    We'll be doing various forms of yoga (vinyasa, restorative, chakra) and dance practices (ecstatic & sensual) to deepen

    our connection with our bodies (as well as exploring the gorgeous Tuscan countryside and swimming in our private pool!)


    We'll use guided & walking meditations to sink into connection with our deepest Self,

    as well as creating sacred and grounding rituals


    Our senses are going to be teased into heightened awareness through exploration on all fronts (food, massage, music, essential oils, and the elements), helping us to melt into greater appreciation of all things sensory (and sensual!)


    We'll be sitting in circle (around the fire) to share our stories, we'll unpack limiting beliefs, shame and conditioning around our bodies and pleasure, and open spaces for playfully exploring our sensuality and our desires


    We'll be exploring self-expression in a variety of ways, including creative activities

    & a personal challenge we'll be asking you to bring!


    Connecting with other women and sharing ourselves has its own deeply nourishing effect. Together we'll create an intimate sisterhood; there'll be plenty of time for deep talks, walks, reflection, play and laughter


    All this will be within an incredibly safe container where you'll be encouraged to deeply honour your own needs and desires,

    to show up as authentically as you can, to dare to express and share parts of yourself that you usually keep hidden,

    and to give yourself permission to live as a deeply embodied, sensual woman who values her own pleasure and expression




    YOU will all be bringing your own brand of magic -

    we can't wait to see what the group will co-create together!





    ​A bold invitation to express your truest nature

    ➳ We're devoted to connecting into the abundant flow of energy that is our birthright

    ➳ Our wild radiance shines out into the world, bringing joyfulness, compassion and playfulness to everything we engage with


    Breaking free of boundaries and creating new spaces

    ➳ We're not interested in the status quo. we've got something new, bold and real to create.

    ➳ Our hearts can't be contained or tamed. When we focus on our power and our pleasure, we are unstoppable.


    The soulful tribe who loves fully, deeply & unconditionally

    ➳ We laugh, we cry, and we play together the way only a group of wildhearted women can

    ➳ We hold the vision for each other as we grow into embodying our full feminine deliciousness, boldness and power

  • “Find freedom, aliveness, and power not from what contains, locates, or protects us, but from what dissolves, reveals, and expands us.”

    { Eve Ensler }


    ➳ The tools to live deeply nourished; yoga & movement practices, energy healing, meditation, EFT


    ➳ A deeper connection to your feminine power and sensuality


    ➳ Greater clarity around your essential self and your unique gifts


    ➳ An increased ability to be fully self-expressed & showing up in the world with all of who you are


    ➳ Feeling deliciously at home in your body


    ➳ A stronger connection to your creativity; fully inspired and ready to give birth to your projects and dreams


    Freedom from blocks that have been holding you back such as shame, old beliefs & conditioning


    ➳ A heightened readiness for playfulness & spontaneity


    ➳ An understanding of how to incorporate ritual into your life


    ➳ The inner freedom to live unashamed, unrestrained, uncensored


    ➳ Feeling turned on, embodied and delicious


    ➳ A deep connection to your own well of relentless self-love


    ➳ A band of sisters with an unconditional bond of love


  • JOIN US!

    Are you one of the amazing women who'll be sharing this delicious deep dive with us?


    We're committed to bringing together a beautifully aligned tribe - for this reason, we're having 1 : 1 calls with everyone who's interested in joining.


    We'll have a playful, co-created exploration about the retreat, your interest and the practical details.


    Send us an email and we'll be in touch!

    Practical Details

    We're staying at Le Pianore, in Tuscany. The most convenient local airports are Rome, Florence and Pisa.


    The closest station is Grosseto, which is 2 hours by train from Rome and Pisa, 2.5 from Florence.

    You'll be collected from the station and taken to Le Pianore where we'll be awaiting you

    (by the pool, with glasses of chilled white wine ;)).


    As the retreat is Monday - Friday with a Saturday morning departure, you can easily tag on a day or two at each end of the retreat in whichever city you choose to fly into and have an additional adventure!



    Earlybird (ends April 30th) : €1200

    Regular Price: €1350



    ➳ 6 days, 5 nights accommodation in our beautiful retreat center

    ➳ daily yoga, classes and workshops

    ➳ nearby excursions in Tuscany

    ➳ amazing organic food (and unlimited wine ;))

    ➳ transport to and from station

    ➳ an amazing sisterhood

    ➳ and some surprises!



    "Bring a Friend" discount (10% off for both of you)

    Referral Gift when someone joins through you (10%)


    *If price is an issue, get in touch - our priority is for those who feel called to be there to be able to join


    We're honored to be your guides for our week together!

    Kristen Yates

    Holistic Life + Health Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher + Reiki Practitioner, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Teacher

    Kristen is a holistic life + health coach, teacher and creative facilitator on a mission to help women ignite their light within and express themselves freely and authentically in the world. She is a passionate adventurer, artist, community builder and catalyst for women breaking free of their shells to live a freely embodied life.

    Her wanderlust and explorative spirit has brought her to live in Prague, Italy, Thailand and Bali, where she studied Yoga, energy healing and Ayurveda, and is passionate about helping women integrate these spiritual practices in their lives.. She finds life and love jumping in waterfalls, connecting with local cultures and immersing into nature.


    Find her online: www.artofwild.com

    Send her an email: kyates8@gmail.com

    Connect on Facebook: kristenyates

    Steph Lisa Kelly

    Psychologist + Certified Coach, Facilitator & Way of Council practitioner + Flower Essence Therapist

    Steph is a Coach, Writer & Retreat Leader who helps women live more embodied, empowered and delicious lives. She’s also a restless creative, passionate instigator, bold adventurer, wildhearted dreamer, free spirit, urban shaman, tribe weaver and international vagabond. She hosts workshops and retreats on self-expression, permission, power and freedom, and facilitates transformational containers at meetings, conferences and other events. She believes that the world will be saved by women who dare to become powerful agents of change, that surrender leads to magic, that goofiness is medicine, and that campfires and mountain tops are sacred.


    Find her online: www.aquietrevolution.me

    Send her an email: stephanie.lisa.kelly@gmail.com

    Connect on Facebook: stephanielisakelly

  • Testimonials from past retreat participants

    ♥ Love from women of the wildhearted tribe ♥

    "I cannot express with words how the WILD&FREE retreat impacted me. Steph created a loving and relaxing atmosphere where everything was possible and where all of us felt loved, looked after and safe. Both the times where we were working on the content and the times of relaxation were perfectly balanced and constituted a whole experience in which the connections grew and strengthened and which eased a personal transformation.

    Mind, body and soul were perfectly taken care of.


    The retreat, for me, provided me with a recognition of my body - I have started to walk paying more attention to my hips, I also walk slower and tend to sway my hips. Only this makes me feel more sure and powerful! I have started to dance sensually at home when I am alone, and look at my breasts with love.

    The retreat has definitely changed me, I have gained more confidence and strength."


    Maria Ortega Garcia, www.mariaortegagarcia.com


    ≜ ≜ ≜

    There was so much magic in the Wild&Free Retreat. Steph's approach allows for so much possibility & freedom, for deep healing, profound insights, for co-creation, for inner creativity to be fully expressed and experienced, and for empowerment. 

    Doing the Retreat was a huge step for me; I was pretty scared of being within a group like that and my biggest fear was that at some point I was going to lose myself and not find my way back. But Steph creates such an easy, safe and loving space to be in that even if your worst fear happens, it’s actually ok. As it happens mine did, and within that sacred space I was able to have a life changing experience by moving through my fear, and as a result now feel much more confident about dealing with this issue and not shying away from such opportunities of being with others. This is huge for me; the start of a new inner fire of freedom.


    The Wild&Free Retreat created for me many deep shifts on many levels, within the presence of beauty, conviviality, sacred silences, enlightening inspiration, wild fun, fiery laughs and enchanting feminine complicity. I dared to be myself and was met with nothing but encouragement, acceptance and the embrace of the divine support of sisterhood. I am hugely grateful to Steph and all the sisters present.

    THANK YOU. I have grown with you and I will never forget ♡."


    Julie Le Carrer, www.julielecarrer.com


    ≜ ≜ ≜